[EBOOK] 10 critical questions to ask about your website

Posted by Brian Bolton on Jun 2, 2017 10:01:46 AM

You can build an awesome-looking, feature-packed business website with relative ease on any number of easy-to-use platforms. What makes your website truly awesome, however, is how hard and how well it works to grow your organization.

Assessing and improving the performance of your website is a matter of asking the right questions. Fortunately for owners and managers of small-to-medium-size businesses, StitchDX has assembled them in our latest eBook, The 10 Critical Questions You Should Ask About Your Website.

[Download the 10 Critical Questions ebook NOW]

10 Critical Questions will shed light on the business strengths and weaknesses of any website. In just a few minutes’ reading time, SMB marketers—as well as social impact organizations—can begin evaluating their sites around key performance areas that include:

  • Brand clarity
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Visitor engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Content creation and management
  • Social media integration

To make your website more effective, start by answering the 10 Critical Questions.

10 Critical Questions isn’t about building the flashiest site with the most bells and whistles. Instead, the focus is one core business mission:

“Always be effective.”

“Always,” because your website is open to visitors 24/7/365. And “effective” because your site is frequently the first impression your company makes. With that starring role come some serious responsibilities, including:

  • Attracting visitors
  • Keeping them on the site
  • Gathering information about them
  • Moving them closer to a purchase

[Download the ebook]

“How much more can our website be doing for us?”

That’s a healthy question for any SMB or social impact organization to be asking frequently (if not constantly). With this ebook, you can drill down into specific, vital aspects of your website’s performance and begin planning actions for improvement.

Download 10 Critical Questions now, and feel free to contact the StitchDX team with YOUR questions about branding, digital marketing and your business growth challenges.

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