NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #2: Improve Search Engine Rankings

Posted by StitchDX on Jan 6, 2012 11:04:58 PM

As the years go by our average attention span has lessened at an alarming rate. Our patience is lower than ever and the days when we would use a dictionary or phone book to look up a word or telephone number come from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

In 2012 everything is moving at light speed and at the click of a mouse. As such, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! can be your businesses best friend. If you're anything like us you're using your iPhone, iPad or Android to "google" it when you need an answer. That's why listing at the top of these search engines has the potential to bring significantly more customers to your site than many other forms of media. Just think, how much more profitable would your business be if your website was seen first and that traffic translated into actual customers? Unfortunately, getting your business to the top listing is not as simple as it may seem and can be a daunting task to say the least.

Before we go any further let’s take a quick look at how profitable a high ranking on Google would be for your business. Think of the last time you searched for a plane ticket, or any kind of tickets for that matter? A movie? Concert? Ball Game? You used a search engine, and we’re willing to bet that you didn’t click much further from the top few spots to find what you needed. Those top few spots are taking your business! What’s worse is that some people may be searching for your business and can’t even find it. THE HORROR! Do you think that a potential buyer will have any faith in your company if they type in your name on Google and can’t even find you…we don’t think so. You as a business owner must recognize that where you rank on these search engines can make or break your profit margins in 2012.

How do you rank high on Google? What’s the method to the madness?

The most important thing to understand is that search engines have a specific way of ranking your site that has a multitude of different factors. For a business owner to take on this challenge alone would be like King Leonidas fighting the Persians…an honorable fight but in the end overwhelmed and crushed! That is why when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) it is best to leave it to the professionals. If you care about people finding you business and your website actually translating visitors into clients/customers you probably need the assistance of SEO professionals.  Be very careful of the "guarantee" to get you to #1 on Google. Obtaining the #1 position is only relevant if that's a term people are searching for and the friendly staff at Technetium are more than capable to help you achieve these goals.

That being said, getting your listing to the top, where it's most likely to be seen is not always easy. You need to understand search engines' idiosyncratic ways of registering sites. You need to know how to optimize your own site to make it show up when consumers are combing the Net for targets. You need to understand when and why competitors might outrank you.

Maintaining a top search listing as thousands of new Web sites hit the Net every week is like clambering up a hill that keeps getting steeper. Don’t be left behind. Make it a goal to improve your search engine rankings. This will increase your business.

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