Super Bowl or Social Bowl?

Posted by StitchDX on Feb 8, 2012 3:05:59 PM

Ok, so just in case you have been living in a cave for the last week, the NFL season is over and the New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions.  In fact, a few of us here at Technetium are native New Yorkers, and are absolutely thrilled about this.  Being one of those fans I would love to fill this Blog with praise for the New York Giants, but I will spare our loyal readers…for now.

What really excited all of us here at Technetium was the impact the game had on Social Media and Smart Phone users. A record breaking 111.3 million viewed the game on TV and this led to less traffic on the Internet. For example, traffic to Netflix dropped up to 40% during the game according to network policy company Sandvine. Users that were online were using Smart Phones, which accounted for 41% of searches for Super Bowl TV ads during the game. This is a sign that gives credence to a growing trend called “second screen viewing”. A Nielsen study shows that half of all Smartphone and tablet users employ their device while watching TV.

What does this mean for you? TV viewing is at an all time high of 151 hours a month according to Nielson. People are watching more TV than ever but they are also using their Smart Phones more than ever during this time. So, for you smart business owners out there, you need a marketing strategy of how to reach potential customers effectively, and you need to make sure that your businesses mobile platform is performing in a way that draws Smart Phone users to your company.

Next, did anyone else notice a #hashtag during the Super Bowl?? They were literally on everything! In fact, the main purpose of the 38 national advertisers was to drive consumers to share the different ads with friends, generate buzz for their company and brand, and hopefully have viewers try to find out more about their product. Smart advertisers understand that TV watching has become more interactional with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Viewers were using both Facebook and Twitter in abundance during the game via their Smart Phone device.  The results are staggering. For example, Super Bowl commercials generated more than 985,000 social media comments according to Bluefin, and during the last three minutes of the game, consumers were sending out 10,000 tweets per second!!

What does this mean to you? Top companies are making sure that their marketing plan is sound across all platforms. A good example of this was Doritos. They started by driving traffic to their site by offering $1 million dollars prize to the fan who made the best ad. Next they aired the ad that over a hundred million people viewed. The ad then drove people to share and buzz about it via Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to your business have a plan. Obviously these top advertisers spend a massive amount of money towards advertising, but that does not mean that you have to have millions of dollars to market your business effectively. If you watched the game you know Hail Mary’s don’t work…put together a smart and planned drive and your chances of scoring a touchdown vastly improve! The experts at Technetium will help you score that touchdown just like Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning.

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