What is the Digital Workplace?

Posted by Brian Bolton on Oct 9, 2016 7:45:56 PM

The Digital Workplace. The Intranet of the Future. Just more technology buzzwords or something with real traction?

Our vote is firmly with the latter - as there is no doubt that the Digital Workplace has changed the way workers work and collaborate with each other. More and more technologies now allow for collaborative work across offices, state lines, oceans - even flight paths. The Digital Workplace helps to aggregate these technologies into a common user experience and has spawned an entire marketplace of solutions, many (not all) built on top of the Microsoft technology stack to take advantage of existing corporate infrastructure.

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You Don’t Need a New Website

Posted by StitchDX on Jun 21, 2016 3:09:42 PM

Well maybe you do but let’s get some perspective first.

You don’t need a new website. That’s a pretty bold statement, but in many instances, you may not actually need a new site - or at the very least, more data is required before beginning that process. After all, your website is your first line of defense, the first things customers see, your first impression. Redesigning it isn’t a task you should take lightly - especially if you haven’t figured out exactly what you’re redesigning it for.

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Why Magento Community May Be Your Best E-Commerce Enterprise Solution

Posted by StitchDX on Jul 13, 2015 9:09:58 AM

When a client approaches me for an initial e-commerce implementation or a total overhaul and replatform of their current system, I educate them on why Magento Community may be a more cost-effective way to build an enterprise-level site without the enterprise-level costs. Magento Enterprise, which functions as a robust e-commerce solution for many larger businesses, might just be overkill for your company. It’s truly a case-by-case consideration.

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Bootstrap or Foundation? Irwin M Fletcher, You Choose.

Posted by StitchDX on Nov 2, 2014 12:29:11 PM

As we all know, the web development world has rapidly evolved since the launch of the iPhone. Apple’s full browser capabilities rid us of text only web surfing on our mobile phones and allowed us to see a website as it was intended, however small the display was. Two-finger pinch to zoom in and out was amazing. WE LOVED IT! It took the world by storm.

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Website Launch: HausVac Central Vacuum Systems

Posted by StitchDX Team on Sep 25, 2014 4:25:39 PM

As part of its national expansion, HausVac approached StitchDX to develop a modernized online presence and refresh their brand. Established in 1981, under the name East End Centro-Vac, HausVac has been the leader in central vacuum sales, products, and service for over a quarter century.

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Posted by StitchDX on Aug 7, 2013 5:06:43 PM

Using Facebook Hashtags

You have undoubtedly seen the use of hashtags (#) on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Vine. These symbols can provide users with a way to receive the latest updates on specific topics, participate in conversations and connect with people who have similar interests. The hashtag has also become an effective tool for businesses of any size to engage and connect with their audience.

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